Ziran Yang   |   杨子然

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Artificial Intelligence at Yuanpei College, Peking University. I am now guided by Prof. Yaodong Yang, while I am also fortunate to be a member of the Tong Class (an elite AI program led by Prof. Song-Chun Zhu).

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Research Overview

My current research focuses on how we can characterize and control the behavior of astonishingly complex AI systems, particularly those driven by Large Language Models. This is especially pertinent in areas beyond supervised learning, such as employing Reinforcement Learning and Game Theory to help align LLMs in context of Trustworthy AI or enhance their capabilities in long-horizon reasoning for LLM agents.
I am also interested in Multimodal Models and embodied AI, particularly in how these systems perceive and model the world.


Red Teaming Game: A Game-Theoretic Framework for Red Teaming Language Models
Chengdong Ma*, Ziran Yang*, Minquan Gao, Hai Ci, Jun Gao, Xuehai Pan, Yaodong Yang
Under Review

Panacea: Pareto Alignment via Preference Adaptation for LLMs
Yifan Zhong*, Chengdong Ma*, Xiaoyuan Zhang*, Ziran Yang, Qingfu Zhang*, Siyuan Qi*, Yaodong Yang*,
Under Review


UCSD Halicioglu Data Science Institute
2024.04 - Present
Visiting Research Intern
Advisor: Prof. Zhiting Hu
PAIR Lab: PKU Alignment and Interaction Research Lab
2023.05 - Present
Research Intern
Advisor: Prof. Yaodong Yang
Tong Class, Peking University
2021.09 - Present
Undergraduate Student
Advisor: Prof. Yixin Zhu, Prof. Song-Chun Zhu

Before 2022

Ministry of Education Talent Program Thesis

I was selected for the Ministry of Education Talent Program and conducted research in the math track guided by Falai Chen at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) during my high school years.

I was also selected as the Outstanding Thesis of the National Math Forum 2019 of the Ministry of Education Talent Program.

Selected Awards

  • 2024: Fifth Yuanpei Young Scholar Award
  • 2023: Peking University Institute for Artificial Intelligence Annual Technology Day: Best Innovation Award
  • 2023: Peking University Learning Excellence Award
  • 2023: Peking University Shu Qi Scholarship
  • 2022: Peking University Learning Excellence Award
  • 2022: Peking University Lee Wai Wing Scholarship
  • 2021: Peking University Freshman Scholarship
  • 2020: Chinese High School Mathematics League: First Prize
  • 2019: Ministry of Education Talent Program: annual Outstanding Thesis

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